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Devices with iOS below version 13 may not display complete content. It is recommended to update iOS to the latest version.

  • Google Play says that my device is not compatible with the game. What should I do?
    As of now, Sdorica doesn't support all Android devices on the market. To give players the best experience, some devices are unable to install the game. Sdorica Team will continue to improve the performance of the game and support more devices in the future. We hope players' who couldn't install the game can understand this situation.
  • What are the minimum requirements for Sdorica?
    Sdorica currently supports iOS 11.0 and Android 9.0 or later. We recommend playing on medium to high-end mobile phones published within the past two years to ensure a better gameplay experience! In addition, Sdorica does not support devices using non-AOSP roms. We apologize for any inconvenience we caused.
  • What should I do if the installation fails?
    When installing the game, we recommend players to have at least 2 GB of storage space available. Since the game is quite large, we suggest installing the game under stable internet connection. If you still run into any installation errors, please screenshot the error message and send it to so our customer service can help. Thank you.
  • Stuck with a black screen after installation is complete?
    Please confirm that the game is installed on the device memory and not the SD card, then try again. If the game is still stuck, please send the device model No. and the Android version No. you are using to Our customer service will identify the problem. Thank you.
  • The game is finally installed. How do I register for an account?
    When you login, you will see the Rayark Pass registration page. We recommend logging in with your Facebook or Twitter account to make the process easier. In addition, if you have a registered VOEZ account in the past, you can also login with that VOEZ account.
  • What is Rayark Pass?
    Rayark Pass is a brand new service for Rayark players. Now, you only need one account to play every single Rayark online game!. To know more about Rayark Pass, please visit the official site:
  • What is Guest mode?
    Everybody can enter Guest Mode to play the game, but note all history won't be saved. If you wish to purchase Crystals or save game progress, please remember to tap the Sdorica icon on the top-left and go to settings, then tap "Account" to link with your e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter; otherwise you might lose all game data!
  • Why does the error message "This account is already in use, cannot be transferred or linked." appear when I try to link in Guest mode?"
    This means that the email, Facebook or Twitter account you are trying to link to has already logged in to Rayark's games and completed registration in the past. You cannot link a new guest account to an already linked account. If you want to keep your guest account data, please link the guest account to other unused emails, Facebook or Twitter accounts. If you want to login to your original Rayark Pass account, please delete the game and reinstall it. You can then select your previous account when you log in. Please beware that when you delete the game, all unlinked guest account data will also be deleted!
  • What is Rayark Pass ID?
    When you tap the icon on the top-left and go to settings, tap "Account" to see your ID right below the Rayark Pass icon (it will be in the combination: SID #numbers). We recommend screenshotting your Rayark Pass ID and save it. If someday you need customer service support, your ID can help us quickly find your player information.
  • What if I forget my password?
    Please visit the Rayark Pass "Forgot Password" page:, enter your registered e-mail and click "Send Reset Form". A reset form will be sent to your e-mail address.
  • What do the in-game servers do?
    After successfully creating an account, players can pick any server to begin their adventure. Even though players can play on multiple different servers with just one account, the game data within each server, including progress and purchase records, does not travel across servers. Please take notice!
  • If I forgot which server I was playing in, what should I do?"
    After entering the game, you can click on the server in the lower right corner. If you have a library that you already played with, it will be shown on the right side of the library, indicating in which library you have played before!
  • Can I log in to my Sdorica account through different platforms?
    Sdorica's game data, including purchase and game records, is stored in your linked account. Therefore, as long as you link your Rayark Pass account, even if you transfer to a different device or platform (Android or iOS), you can log in with the same account and continue your previous progress.
  • What are "Crystals"?"
    "Crystals" are rare treasures in the world of Sdorica. It can be used in Infuse to get new characters. It can also be used to purchase the Curren and Soul Energy required to level up your characters. Plan your usage of Crystals to level up more efficiently!
  • How to get "Crystals"?"
    "Crystals" are hidden in every nook and cranny of the Sdorica world. When you complete different quests and Missions, there is a chance for you to get "Crystals". You can also purchase "Crystals" from Rei in the Market!
  • I'm stuck! How do I beat the boss?
    Got stuck? We suggest fellow Watchers observe the weaknesses of the boss; maybe a different team with a different skill set has a better chance to beat it. The other reason may be that your Watcher Level is not high enough. If that's the case, we recommend leveling up your Watcher before trying again. You can also reach out for advice on Sdorica subreddit:
  • How do I level up my Watcher?
    Raise your Watcher level by completing Limited Missions, or get Watcher's XP by clearing Story Stages, Venture, and Event stages!
  • What time does the in-game events and data refreshes?
    The Limited Missions, Guild Missions and Event Quests refresh at 9:00 p.m. (UTC) every day! Remember to check back!
  • What are Skill Books?
    Skill Books can be purchased in the Market with "Crystallines". Upon purchase, you will receive a new skill set for the corresponding character and a new appearance. Skill Books don't have a character Tier limit. As long as you have the corresponding character, you can battle with the brand-new skill set!
  • What are Venture Quests?
    Venture Quests are more difficult than the Main Storyline quests. After clearing them, you will receive all kinds of rare rewards and Watcher's XP. Some quests even give you materials necessary for character Resonance. Raise your team now to compete!
  • How do I raise my character to Tier SSR?
    New players can prioritize "Training Quests" and "Progress Missions" to rank up Naya, Pang to Tier SR and Tica to Tier SSR. In addition, players can also clear daily "Mineral" quests to get Character Minerals. After collecting enough materials and Character Minerals, players can rank up the characters this way as well!
  • What should I do if I Infused but didn't get the characters?
    When using the Infuse function in-game, if players run into issues like the game crashing or the device shutting down due to low battery life, no worries. Even if you didn't see the Infuse animations, the system has in fact already added the Infuse results to the Roster page the moment you use your Crystals/Bookmarks. If you still have questions, please contact: Our customer service will assist you.
  • I didn't get the rewards for Wonderland Trial?
    The daily Wonderland Trial rewards will be distributed after 9:00 p.m. (UTC) the following day after the in-game day changes. If your previous day's Wonderland Trial results are displayed when you log in, that means the reward for the previous day has been sent to your account. For weekly Wonderland Trial rewards, they will be distributed every Monday on 9:00 p.m. (UTC) after the in-game day changes. The rewards will be distributed to players who participated in the previous week's Wonderland Trial. If you don't have a record of participating in Wonderland Trial, you will not be able to collect the rewards. Please participate as much as you can!
  • The characters' skills are so complicated. I don't know how to use them?
    If you have any questions about the characters' skills, or would like to know some team combinations with different characters, visit the in-game "Character Comment System" to understand the opinions of other Watchers. You can also visit the Sdorica subreddit: to discuss with other players. The "Character Comment System" is available in each character's info page in the Roster tab. Of course, feel free to share your own ideas as well!
  • How do I purchase "Crystals" without a credit card?"
    So far Rayark's games only support payment through Google Play Store and App Store. Please contact the two platforms to see if there are alternative payment methods.
  • What should I do if I paid but didn't receive the item I purchased?
    If you discovered that you didn't receive the item after you paid, please prepare the following information and send them to "" - Screenshot of your Google Play Store/App Store receipt - Your SID (Can be obtained by clicking the in-game icon -> magnifying glass next to your name -> Copy) - The server where you completed your purchase We will figure out the situation as soon as we receive the above information. Thank you.
  • Can I play on multiple devices?
    Yes, you can login to different devices on the same account. Please be aware the same account cannot be simultaneously used across multiple devices, only one device at a time!
  • Is internet connection required during gameplay?
    Sdorica is an online game, therefore internet connection is required to fetch the latest quests and event information. Please make sure that your device is connected before playing Sdorica to ensure the fetching of game data goes smoothly.
  • Always showing connection error
    Please check your current internet connection. We suggest changing to another network and trying again. If the problem still exists, please contact our customer service by sending a report to
  • What if the game crashes?
    If you encounter any problems or the game exits irregularly, please take a deep breath and calm down, then proceed to open the game again. If the same issue arises again, please contact our customer service by sending a report to
  • Submit gameplay suggestions
    If you have any feedback for the test, feel free to submit your suggestions by messaging Rayark's customer service email anytime at Thank you for your passionate support!
  • How do we know the content of each update?
    Detailed information on every update is available in the in-game announcement. In addition, we will also announce the updates via: Facebook: Twitter: We welcome fellow Watchers to follow up with Sdorica's latest news!
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